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paul's e-scrapbook

Loan via Email : SCAM or SPAM?

by Paul Quek, from Singapore

So, it is just another ordinary September Saturday morning, when I opened my yahoo_mail_100x15_trans.png inbox and the first email staring back at me was the one below:

The "Click Here" link in the email bore the following URL:
Usually, I would just delete such an email IMMEDIATELY, regarding it as SPAM since I don't know nor do I remember ever visiting "allLoansDirect" and this email was apparently sent by one of the affiliates, as stated in the extremely small print at the bottom of the email.

But just before I clicked the "Delete" button, I thought I might as well open, on a new tab, the page that would allowed me to unsubcribe ("excluded from future mailings" was how it was stated in the small print) ... this unsubscribe page, bearing the URL "" looked like this:


Then, I decided not to unsubscribe just yet, and went back to the original email ... there I decided to open, on a new tab, the "Click Here" link -- and got the following:


To contact Paul Quek by phone, call +65 9783 7277

Please direct your comments to the following email:

God Bless!

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Last updated on: 29 August 2007